Workplace Mentoring Solutions

Workplace Mentoring Solutions

Workplace mentoring programs are increasingly using mentors to support both job-specific and soft-skill development like building relationships, practicing critical and creative thinking, decision making, giving and receiving feedback, and driving influence for young employees.

Work with MENTOR Independence Region, the leaders in mentoring to drive employee engagement and retention through formalized workplace mentoring programs or supporting frontline supervisors to manage with a mentoring mindset.

A bi-directional approach to mentoring emphasizes that within a mentor-mentee relationship, each has something to teach and something to learn. Mentors and Mentees alike can learn to connect more deeply, focus on the context that underpins those relationships, and develop resilience and growth strategies that improve performance and engagement.

Learn more about opportunities to engage with us on our CONNECT-FOCUS-GROW training series for mentor/supervisors and mentees/employees.

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